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While many assume composite materials as exotic and futuristic, they have been used to make automobiles since 1945, when Owens Corning worked with William Stout to develop the Stout 46 – the first automobile developed with a fiberglass composite body. GM has been using composites in some way, shape, or form for nearly 60 years – most notably in its Corvette. Back in 1953, when GM first introduced fiberglass to the Corvette, it caused a major change in the automotive market that lead to more major automakers seeing composites as a viable alternative to traditional materials. Today, automakers worldwide are increasingly relying on composite materials to make vehicles durable and lighter in order to meet ambitious fuel efficiency standards.

  • Hoods

  • Roofs

  • Door Panels

  • Fenders and Bumpers

  • A-Pillars

  • Fairings

  • Grilles

  • Heat Shields

  • Wheels

  • Decklids

  • Interior Dashboards and Steering Wheels

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